Wiki cables: What they are?

These days, we are quiet familiar with the wiki-leaks cables as they are one of the nightmares to many rulers all over the world, especially the US government. Wiki-leaks brings out many shocking news to the world through various medias all over the world. It will not be a familiar term for most of us, when it is called as cables. There are many people, who asked me what is a cable.

The story of cables dated back to the second world war. During this time, the secret from the army should be conveyed from one place to another. But, it requires a convenient channel, so that the message that is being sending reaches the addressed person only. So, it was a American artist Samuel F B Morse, who designed the special code, which can only be recognized by a skilled person.

The representation of the morse code signals are just clicks or beeps. They can be textual expression in the form of dots and dashs. When it comes to light signals, it will be in the form os light blinks, ON or OFF.

Chart of the Morse code letters and numerals

The coding can be done using a specially designed device called vibroplex, which is also a product of second world war.

Now, lets come back to the current scenario, where the hacking of Morse codes occurs when the coded data is being send to the receiver. But, here it requires some clarifications. In fact, the data is not send to the receiver directly. The person who needs the data will access it. The encoded data will be saved on to a server and from this server, the data will be hacked.

The sources of wiki cables

After reading this much, you guys must be thinking, why they cannot send the data via email so that the data will not get hacked. There is a point in such thoughts. In fact, if you are supposed to inform the head of a state regarding the schedule of his/ her visit to another state in the coming week, you can just email them. It will not create any issues as there are many people in the office, who knew the details really well. But, it is not the case when it is about the stories regarding the issues involving the top officials of a nation, it comes under a classified group. The data included in the classified group should be saved, whcich will not get altered or removed at any cause.

The US consulates in every nation will report the mother nation, regarding the happenings in that respective countries and this message will be send in the form of Morse codes and these data will be saved in the servers.

These saved data are being accessed by the hackers and then redistributed amongst the medias all over the world. The Morse code can only decoded by an professional coder. Normally, the coding are made in 13 words per second speed. Depending upon the privacy, the speed will also be varied in the case of light signals and the beeps.Since, the devices used to create the codes resembles a telegraph machine in its operation, it is called to as a cable.

The main application of the Morse code is in the seas, where the ships in emergency will send the SOS messages through light signals.

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