Better known for snapping a standout amongst the most exciting snippets of World War II and the Vietnam War, Dickey Chapelle was a prominent war picture taker of National

Dickey Chapelle in Vietnam

Dickey Chapelle on the Don Phuc command post, in front of a stack of sandbags, on the Vietnam-Cambodia frontier. Chapelle resided at this post for 34 days, photographing combat and participants.
-Dickey Chapelle photographs

Geographic magazine. Attached to going with troops, she was once detained for more than seven weeks amid the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. She was slaughtered in Vietnam on November 4, 1965, when a dangerous exploded and harmed her lethally. She turned out to be the first American female columnist to be slaughtered in combat zone.

Here are the few photographs taken by Ms. Chapelle in her last assignment.

Funeral Vinh Quoi

Vinh Quoi, Vietnam-Dickey Chapelle photographs

Capture of Suspected Viet Cong

Bac Lien vicinity, Vietnam-Dickey Chapelle photographs

Dead Vietnamese Man

A dead Vietnamese man lays on the ground as a paratrooper prepares to fire bullets into the body.-Dickey Chapelle photographs

Helilift of Corpses

In the aftermath of Viet Cong attack on the village of Vinh Quoi, corpses await helilift. The corpses are wrapped in sheets and lying atop woven mats in a field next to a helicopter. Some of the corpses are being picked up while other soldiers and villagers watch.-Dickey Chapelle photographs

Sea Swallows Ambush

A man is positioned in crab-laden mud in which the Sea Swallows set up “the toughest ambush I’ve ever covered”. Vietnam.-Dickey Chapelle photographs

Vietnamese Assault on Village

Vietnamese soldiers exiting from U.S. Army helicopter and running across a field with guns drawn to assault a village suspected of harboring Viet Cong in the vicinity of Soc Tranh, Vietnam.
-Dickey Chapelle photographs

Vietnamese Rangers with Blindfolded Prisoner

Vietnamese Rangers escort a newly captured prisoner suspected of being Viet Cong down a gravel road in the vicinity of Bac Lien, Vietnam. The prisoner has his elbows tied behind his back and is blindfolded.-Dickey Chapelle photographs

Rifle Training, Vietnam

Women train with rifles in a village near the Laotion border in the mountain region of Vietnam. A group of about 25 women are lined up in two rows standing with rifles over their shoulders. A man stands in front of them. Thatch-roofed buildings are in the background. A girl is standing by a tree in the foreground.-Dickey Chapelle photographs

Soldiers Transport Woman on Stretcher

Two American soldiers carry a Vietnamese woman on a stretcher across a field in Vietnam.-Dickey Chapelle photographs

Vietnamese Soldiers Hike through Forest

Elevated view of a group of Vietnamese soldiers wearing berets hiking through a forest in Vietnam. The footpath they are on is bordered on one side by trees and on the other with a marshy expanse of water and plants.-Dickey Chapelle photographs

Vietnamese Soldiers Display Captured Flag

A group of Vietnamese soldiers display a South Vietnamese flag they captured in combat.-Dickey Chapelle photographs


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