Unlocking idea Net Setter

There are many queries regarding the unlocking of idea net setter going over everywhere. So, today i think it is so good to help them all with a single post.

Idea net setter comes with the saved settings, compatible for Idea Celluar. But you can unlock it easily, so that you can use it for other networks like Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Docomo. It will not support Videocon. Also you need to get ASN details from the cure centre, in the case of BSNL.
So let us see how to unlock it.
If you are an Idea customer, you dont need any other softwares over here. It will be loaded the very next moment you connect the device to your PC. So here I am talking about a unlocked one. (Those who need the setup files for the rest can contact me here.)
The things you required are :
Your IMEI no (Will be there on the box of the setter)
1) Run the software
2) Enter your IMEI no
3) Your unlock code will displayed in next moment
Enjoy using any other connections. Get the unlocking software from here.

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