Matrimony is a term that is being used in India more than any English speaking nation on earth. Just because of the fact that arranged marriage is considered to be a good omen amongst the various communities. These arranged marriages including the parents or guardians find suitable partner for their girl or boy through a middle man. It start with brokers in the past, just like the brokers in real estate deals, later they make way to matrimonial bureaus and a bit more advanced ones such as matrimonial websites. The newspapers also consist of ads regarding this. The matrimonial websites are the India’s answer to the matchmaking sites that are popular in other countries.

Let us take a look at the top matrimonial websites in India:

  1. BharatMatrimony
    The bharathmatrimony is considered to be the pioneers in Indian online matchmaking industry. They have been featured in this Limca Book of Records for the highest number regarding documented marriages on-line. Besides Internet, they also have a strong offline presence across Of india with over + matrimony branches! BharatMatrimony will be the only group to provide 100% mobile tested profiles, reinforcing the rely on that members have in it. They have furthermore pioneered the very personalized matchmaking companies – AssistedMatrimony in addition to EliteMatrimony. Bharatmatrimony has several sub pages meant to the easy access for the clients from each communities to find their matches.
assamesematrimony C J L P T
bengalimatrimony chambharmatrimony jaalarimatrimony lambanimatrimony padmasalimatrimony tambolimatrimony
gujaratimatrimony chandravanshikaharmatrimony jaiswalmatrimony levapatelmatrimony palmatrimony tantimatrimony
hindimatrimony chasamatrimony jandramatrimony levapatilmatrimony panchalmatrimony tantubaimatrimony
kannadamatrimony chattadasrivaishnavamatrimony jangammatrimony lingayathmatrimony pandamatrimony telagamatrimony
keralamatrimony chaudarymatrimony jangidmatrimony lodhirajputmatrimony panditmatrimony telimatrimony
marathimatrimony chaurasiamatrimony jatmatrimony lohanamatrimony panickermatrimony thakkarmatrimony
marwadimatrimony chettiyarmatrimony jatavmatrimony lubanamatrimony parkavakulammatrimony thakurmatrimony
oriyamatrimony chhetrimatrimony jhaduamatrimony M partrajmatrimony thevarmatrimony
parsimatrimony chippolumatrimony jogimatrimony madhvamatrimony pasimatrimony thigalamatrimony
punjabimatrimony ckpmatrimony K madigamatrimony patelmatrimony thiyyamatrimony
sindhimatrimony coorgmatrimony kacharamatrimony mahajanmatrimony patnaickmatrimony tilimatrimony
tamilmatrimony D kadavapatelmatrimony maharmatrimony patramatrimony togatamatrimony
telugumatrimony daivadnyamatrimony kaibartamatrimony mahendramatrimony perikamatrimony tonkkshatriyamatrimony
urdumatrimony danuamatrimony kalarmatrimony maheshwarimatrimony pillaimatrimony turupukapumatrimony
AssistedMatrimony deshasthamatrimony kalingamatrimony mahishyamatrimony porwalmatrimony tyagimatrimony
EliteMatrimony devadigamatrimony kalingavysyamatrimony maithilmatrimony prajapatimatrimony tamilmatrimony
muslimmatrimony devandrarmatrimony kalitamatrimony majabimatrimony pushkarnamatrimony telugumatrimony
christianmatrimony devangamatrimony kalwarmatrimony malamatrimony parsimatrimony U
sikhmatrimony devangkoshthimatrimony kambojmatrimony malimatrimony punjabimatrimony upparamatrimony
jainmatrimony dhangharmatrimony kammanaidumatrimony mallamatrimony R ursmatrimony
buddhistmatrimony dheevaramatrimony kansarimatrimony mangaloreanmatrimony raigarmatrimony urdumatrimony
divorceematrimony dhimanmatrimony kanyakubjmatrimony manipurimatrimony rajakamatrimony V
keralachristianmatrimony dhobamatrimony kapunaidumatrimony mapilamatrimony rajastanimatrimony vadabalijamatrimony
dhobimatrimony karanamatrimony marathamatrimony rajbonshimatrimony vadderamatrimony
dravidamatrimony karhadematrimony maruthuvarmatrimony rajputmatrimony vaidikimatrimony
A dumalmatrimony karmakarmatrimony matangmatrimony ramdasiamatrimony vaishmatrimony
addharmimatrimony dusadhmatrimony karuneegarmatrimony mathurmatrimony ramgariahmatrimony vaishnavmatrimony
adidravidarmatrimony E kasarmatrimony meenamatrimony rarhimatrimony vaishnavamatrimony
agarwalmatrimony edigamatrimony kashyapmatrimony meenavarmatrimony rawatmatrimony vaishyamatrimony
agrimatrimony ezhavamatrimony katiyamatrimony mehramatrimony reddymatrimony vaishyavanimatrimony
ahommatrimony ezhuthachanmatrimony kayasthamatrimony merudarjimatrimony rellimatrimony valluvanmatrimony
ambalavasimatrimony G khandayatmatrimony mochimatrimony rigvedimatrimony valmikimatrimony
anavilmatrimony gabitmatrimony khandelwalmatrimony modakmatrimony rudrajmatrimony vaniamatrimony
arekaticamatrimony gandlamatrimony kharwarmatrimony modhmatrimony S vaniyamatrimony
arunthathiyarmatrimony ganigamatrimony khatrimatrimony mogaveeramatrimony sadgopematrimony vanjaramatrimony
aroramatrimony garhwalmatrimony koirimatrimony mudaliyarmatrimony sahamatrimony vanjarimatrimony
aryavysyamatrimony gaurmatrimony kokanasthamatrimony mudirajmatrimony sahumatrimony vankarmatrimony
audichyamatrimony gavaranaidumatrimony kokanasthamarathamatrimony munnurukapumatrimony sainimatrimony vannarmatrimony
assamesematrimony gawalimatrimony kolimatrimony muthurajamatrimony sakaldwipimatrimony vanniyarmatrimony
B ghisadimatrimony konguvelalagoundermatrimony marathimatrimony saliyamatrimony veerasaivammatrimony
badagarmatrimony ghumarmatrimony konkanmatrimony marwadimatrimony sanadyamatrimony velaanmatrimony
baidyamatrimony goalamatrimony korimatrimony N sanketimatrimony velanadumatrimony
baishnabmatrimony gomantakmatrimony kotamatrimony naagavamsammatrimony savjimatrimony vellalarmatrimony
baishyamatrimony gondhalimatrimony kshatriyamatrimony nadarmatrimony saraswatmatrimony velamanaidumatrimony
balijanaidumatrimony goudmatrimony kudumbimatrimony nagarmatrimony saryuparinmatrimony veluthedathunairmatrimony
banikmatrimony goundarmatrimony kulalmatrimony nagaralumatrimony scmatrimony vettuvagoundermatrimony
baniyamatrimony gowdamatrimony kulalarmatrimony naimatrimony senaithalaivarmatrimony vilakkithalanairmatrimony
banjaramatrimony gramanimatrimony kulinmatrimony naickermatrimony sengunthamudaliyarmatrimony vishwakarmamatrimony
baraimatrimony gudiamatrimony kulitamatrimony naikmatrimony settibalijamatrimony viswabrahminmatrimony
barendramatrimony gujjarmatrimony kumawatmatrimony nairmatrimony shettymatrimony vokkaligamatrimony
barimatrimony guptamatrimony kumbhakarmatrimony nambiarmatrimony shimpimatrimony vyasmatrimony
barujibimatrimony guptanmatrimony kumbharmatrimony namboodirimatrimony shivhallimatrimony vysyamatrimony
bestamatrimony guravmatrimony kumharmatrimony namosudramatrimony shrimalimatrimony
bhandarimatrimony gurjarmatrimony kummarimatrimony napitmatrimony skpmatrimony
bhatiamatrimony gurukkalmatrimony kumoanimatrimony nayakamatrimony smarthamatrimony
bhatrajumatrimony gujaratimatrimony kunbimatrimony neelimatrimony sonarmatrimony
bhattmatrimony H kuravanmatrimony nepalimatrimony sourashtramatrimony
bhavasarkshatriyamatrimony haluamatrimony kurmimatrimony nhavimatrimony sozhiyavellalarmatrimony
bhovimatrimony havyakamatrimony kurmikshatriyamatrimony niyogimatrimony stmatrimony
bhumiharmatrimony hugarmatrimony kurubamatrimony O stanikamatrimony
billavamatrimony hoysalamatrimony kuruhinashettymatrimony oswalmatrimony sugalimatrimony
boyermatrimony hindimatrimony kurumbarmatrimony otarimatrimony sunarimatrimony
brahmbhattmatrimony I kannadamatrimony oriyamatrimony sundhimatrimony
brahminmatrimony intercastematrimony keralamatrimony sutharmatrimony
bengalimatrimony iranimatrimony keralachristianmatrimony swakulasalimatrimony
iyengarmatrimony sindhimatrimony


Another bigshot in the Indian matchmaking industry, has made its name among the Indian clients over the past 10-15 years. Founded in 1996, shaadi has made some reputation among several Indian communities, but not much deep as that of Bharatmatrimony. Instead, they are having strong reputation among the foreigners seeking Indians as well as the Indians of foreign origin.

3. Jeevansathi

Established in 2004, Jeevansathi is a popular matrimonial website in north India, with majority of Hindi speaking personals having their accounts in it. Just like the bharatmatrimony, they are also having microlinks meant for each communities, like hindi, marathi, punjabi etc. unlike Bharatmatrimony, and just like Shaadi, Jeevansathi also provide a platform for the foreigners to find a suitable match among Indians.

4. M4marry: is a regional website started by the Malayala Manorama group. The site is exclusive for malayalees all over the world.


Malayogam is a common brand among the people of kerala after the trusted brand called Guruvayur Malayogam. Later, several other entities started using the Malayogam name and several Malayogam name started surfacing on web with several domains namely, malayogamonline, keralamalayogam, malayogamguruvayur, etc making them confused among the users and thus bringing a wrong impression about them all.

6. Swayamvara matrimony

South indian matrimonial website that helps to find perfect matches amongst various regions. Don’t misunderstand the domain with Swayamvarammarriage which is yet another matrimonial website.

7. waytonikkah

Waytonikkah is an exclusive matrimonial platform operating from kerala for the muslim communities to find a perfect partner. They offer free services to the weaker sections of the community.

8. Simplymarry:

Simplymarry is the matchmaking website started by the Times of India Group. It is comparatively  free, offering free messaging amongst the matches, but lacks profiles in the regional pages.

7. Others:

There are several other small time websites operating within India namely, Manavatty, gurudeva matrimony (only ezhava profiles)

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