The office stationary market is one of the pivotal income generator, which one never used to give much importance when it comes to start a business, in this digital era we live. The whole stuffs included in the office stationary used to get at one single place, which is a book stall or a book depot in a town and no one even cares to think about starting a business focusing on a single stationary item among all the office stationary as it is not that easy to even attain the break even promoting a single product as there are many aroud us who is capable to do business with more than two dozen variety of items from various providers.

Today, we are going to take a look at the ball point pen market in India, which used to have many pens rolling out at some pint of time which then used to sell their refill in separate just in case to ensure the user uses their product again and again till the hull gets damaged or unable to use. After 2012-13, since when the cheap disposable Chinese pens made of low quality plastic body gets imported as a bulk in to the Indian market later give way to local entrepreneurs started making the such disposable Re.1 or Rs. 2/- pens in large quantity and such pens gets acceptability among the customers as they are cheap and neatly fulfill its purpose.

in this digital era, one adult person writes 100 words a day and the rest of the tasks are done with machines. When we compare it with the 90s and earl 2000s the purpose of human effort in writing down a matter is no longer irrelevant as one can do write, edit, erase and save a content in digital format and can even reporduce in to hard copy whenever needed.

Here are the list of ball point pens which the older generations would never ever wish to forget.

  1. Reynolds Fine Carbure
    reynolds-fine-carbureThis French beauty filled the mind and soul of every Indian common man back in the 1980s till 2000. Though this pen will be the one which the seller gave you if you just went into a store and ask him to give a pen. It had two variants in which the first one has an option to change the refill. The cap and the transparent plastic grip determines the color of a new pen. The company later introduced a new model of the same name later, which is a bit more longer tan the older one. It was a disposable pen, with more mileage compared to the older one. The new pen was perfect cylindrical shape whereas the older version is more of a hexagonal cylinder. Unfortunately, it is really hard to find this legendary ball pen in the stores these days.
  2. Stic Eazy
    stic-eazyOne of the most economic pen ever sold in Indian market is the Stic Eazy ball point pen. It probably might be largest selling pen in Indian market as it were used by various kinds of users as it serves variety of requirements like, writing, drawing etc. drawing-using-stic-eazy-by-udayan-edappalBack in the day, some schools in Kerala, restrained their students from using this pen complaining that these pens affects their handwriting. When compared to the Reynolds and other lesser known brands, the Stick EaZy has a bid more thicker ball helping it to give out more ink while writing. This also causes the writer to have lesser control over her writing style instead, he just trust the way the pen draws it for you while writing your stuff. The pen just cost Rs. 2/- is still available in the market.
  3. Cello Gripper: cello-gripperThe introduction of Gripper by Cello writing changed the Indian writing market. It then, the 0.5 tip was a kind of flat face. The tip of the Gripper was sharp enough to piece your body if not taken care. The Cello Gripper was probably the first pen to introduce the rubber grip around the barrel were we hold for writing. The Cello Gripper was the pen the students chose for exams. Apart from the Gripper, the Cello also manufactured variants like Cello Pin Point, Cello Techno Tip, Cello Max Writer etc. Though many siblings evolved, the Cello Gripper is the ideal choice of those users who like to have a pointed writing on the paper.
  4. Lexi 5: lexi-pensThe Lexi 5 entered in to the market only after 2000, which was exactly when the frontiers in the pen business started giving tight fight with other Indian players like Montex, Todays, Linc etc. The Montex, Todays, Linc is still producing numerous models, but none matched upto the impact what this cute little ball point ever created in the Indian stationary business. Lexi 5 was not introduced in to the market with bang. There were no big advertisements given by the company back then. yet, their product clicked every Indian man’s pocket very soon. Without much changes, the company introduced developed version of the same pen which too is a grant success in the market. it can otherwise said that the introduction of Lexi in to the market marked the end of several legendary pens in the Indian market.

3 thoughts on “Top daily use ball point pens in Indian Market

  1. Meri pahli pen stick easy.
    Magar ye pen ab market me nahi mil rahi.
    Koi batayega muze ke kaha milegi.
    Kya online milti hain.
    Plz send me on my mail id.

    1. It is still available in stationery stores. Price has been hiked to Rs. 3/-.

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