Those who follows the game of cricket know it really well about the best and awesome things in it. This game is blessed with iconic players, but amongst them, in the heart of fans the greatness mostly rely with the batsmen. The bowlers who are the integral part of this game, are having short span of career compared to the batsmen and are sometimes get forgotten easily. Those bowlers who made achievements in the cricketing pitch are the ones who played a lot o cricket and in here, we are going to take a look at the top five fastest deliveries ever bowled in the world cricket.

      1. Shoaib Akthar(Pakistan)
        The fastest delivery every bowled by any bowler in International Cricket came from the Rawalpindi Express, Shoaib Akhtar in a World Cup match against England in South Africa. The ball was measured 161.3 KPH (100.2 MPH). No other bowler has been able to break his record since then.
      2. Brett Lee (Australia)
        In  the match against New Zealand, were the Kiwis was playing hard to achieve the target of 347 and Brett Lee’s deliveries were like fireballs which ranged from 143 to his fastest delivery ever of 161 in a over.
      3. Shaun Tait (Australia)
        In a terrrific over that clocked 97, 97, 96,97 and 100, against England at Capetown, Saun Tait of Australia achieved his personal best quickest delivery.
      4. Jeff Thompson (Australia)
        Jeff Thompson considered to be the deadliest bowler in the world cricket for very long time.




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