It is familiar to all office goers to get grocery list prepared by their wives or mothers or sisters. Those lists will be prepared overnight with the names of the items to be purchased along with their quantity. As the technology advanced the paper list also give way to the lists prepared in WhatsApp or related messaging apps. Thus the women at home get a lot of time to think throughout the day so that she could prepare the list and send it by just type and hit send button.

Many men are weak at buy grocery to their home. It’s not the mater of missing things, but about the choice of items. Many men (including me) are a big fail while choosing items for grocery. They chose what they find or what they get at first. Never think about its quality but gives importance to the offers. This usually ends up in a quarrel back at home for buying nonsense.

In order to avoid such issues, Era Londhe did a unique way to make sure that her husband buys the right stuff in the right form. The grocery list she prepared and shared on twitter saying that “This is the task I gave to my hubby last weekend!!


It clearly says about the types of the tomatoes, potatoes, onions etc which he has to buy and even mentioned the place from which he needs to buy those items. The list also tells us about a typical Indian housewife when she writes her husband to ask the Chili for free, as the women used to buy Chilli by taking a handful and never tell the shopkeeper about its weight. The shopkeepers knew this and use this item as an adjustment entry to round off the payment amount.


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