This is not just a story of a man who find his better half from abroad, but a man who hold on his political stands with himselves and work hard to earn a life and win the heart of a lady who helped him to achieve everything he gained in  his life. This is the story of comrade Rajesh and his love to Ann.

Born to a rubber tapper, Rajesh’s childhood was never easy. Poverty stricken life and his dad’s early death forced him to find a job soon after he completed his diploma. Just like any educated youths in Kerala desperate to find a job, he also opt to move abroad. But unlike them all, the communist in him never attracted the capitalist nations and he decided to go to Russia, with the help of a friend.

The life in Russia was not easy and he was forced to return to India after two months. He reached Delhi, but didn’t go back to his hometown, fearing the money lenders whom he have to face upon reaching back home.

With the help of some friends in Delhi, he managed to get a visiting visit to China. Upon reaching Guangzhou Air port, his mind was full of hopes. He stayed in a small hotel room besides the airport. While He was eating food from the street side food stall, he just asked the vendor if there is a place were he could get cheap house for rental. The shop owner pointed him to a group of youngsters and Rajesh went to meet them.

Among that group youngsters, one young man introduced himselves as William came forward and shook his hands, offering him a bedspace at him home.  Upon reaching his home and hearing his story, His mother happily greeted Rajesh. Williams was a final year degree student in English Business School under Guangzhou University.

Everyday when William left for college, Rajesh enters the college library and start reading books. In the evening went back home with William after his classes. In a short span of time, William’s friends became his friends too.

One evening, William was accompanied by a tall slim girl to meet Rajesh. Williams introduced her to Rajesh, This is Ann Lang Lyong, she is my best friend’. When she ehard about his story, Ann felt sympathized and she used to be with Rajesh during the day inside the campus by bunking her classes. She used to buy food for him too. One day Rajesh asked her that he don’t need food, instead he needs a job.

So, with the help of Ann and he friends, Rajesh started doing small time jobs. It was import business at first. He used to be the guide for those who reach China for doing business. During holidays, Ann also joined Rajesh working with him.

It was then his visa validity expired. He was afraid if he had to reach back home without anything. It was in here Ann stood by him and offered him to come with her to her home in Hong Kong were Chinese visas can be renewed. It was in this trip the couple got to know together and deeper.

Getting his visa renewed strengthened his hopes about his small time business and he expanded it to do trade business between clients in India Russia. He also set up a company named Graphic International Company. The business flourished, thus his love towards Ann.

Rajesh Ann

Rajesh and Ann

He came back to India to settle his debts, bought a new home for his mother to live. Hearing about his success, proposals came in. But Rajesh rejected them all and told his mother about his Ann. Being teh wide of a hardcore communist, Rajesh’s mother Pushpangi had no thoughts for caste, religion or race. She happily agreed upon her son’s wish.

It was not the same in Hong Kong, when Ann expressed her wish to get married to Rajesh. According to her parents, Rajesh was an outsider, belonging to another religion and moreover an atheist. What if he disown their daughter someday. By failing to convince her parents, Ann ran away and got married to Rajesh in a western style wedding in Hong Kong with the help of her friends.

Later, she got a job in a bank and at the same time Rajesh’s business keep showing good figures too. When Ann became pregnant, Rajesh called his mother to China and she she lived there for almost five years. The couple are blessed with two beautiful girls- Arya and Athira. With these kids born, Ann’s parents accepted Rajesh as their son-in-law.

Rajesh, Ann with their girls Arya & Athira

Rajesh, Ann with their girls Arya & Athira

While enrolling his kids at school, Rajesh realized that the primary education system in China is not up to the mark and decided to shift them to Kerala. It was then the notorious gang rape in bus happened in Delhi and the Chinese media celebrate it allover China like a festival. Ann’s parents opposed the couple’s decision to shift to Kerala upon hearing these news, saying that India is unsafe for women. Her mother even pressured her daughter to get divorced over this. Ann stood by Rajesh once again and they rented a flat at Kavadiyar, in Trivandrum, the capital city of the state of Kerala.

Ann and her kids are now living happily with Rajesh’s mother at Trivandrum as the kids were enrolled in a school within the city. Rajesh still focuses his business in China as well as he started a small time manufacturing unit of bio degradable plastic bags in Kerala.

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