The rise and fall of another multi national brand in the God’s Own Country

Kerala is a hot spot for the investors during the past few decades. the people of Kerala, have witnessed several firms came in to existence in several parts of the state. This includes several multi-national brands like Pepsi, Coca-Cola etc. Adding one more to these names, here comes yet another brand called the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

The outlet at Calicut was the largest one in India with around 121 customers can dine at the same time. This multi-storey outlet was opened with large festivities as the people even shared through the SNS’s about the inauguration of the   branded chicken legs.  Two weeks after the inauguration, people happened to notice wastes with the names of KFC along the roadsides for several miles. This includes the chicken wastes, used drinking cups and plates with the name and logo of KFC in it.

The people who became furious over such an approach from the KFC, gathered. They collected all those dumped waste along the roadside in a truck and dumped back in front of the outlet in a morning soon after it opens. As the situation got worse, the Corporation intervened and asked the officials of the outlet to give an explanation for this act. As the explanation was not satisfactory, the Corporation canceled the license of the KFC Calicut.

Newspaper cutout on the protest made by the local people against the poor waste managment by the KFC authorities at Calicut

Thus, it marked the rise and fall of another multi-national brand  in Kerala, after the closure of Coca-Cola bottling plant at Plachimada in Palakkad district.


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