A Whindian wedding held at Maharaja Palace Hotel, in the town of Mannar at Alappuzha, Kerala on May 7, 2014. The couple was based in the US and they decided to marry in India as the bride belongs to Alappuzha, were the foreigners fondly called ‘Venice of the East’.

Swetha, daughter of Indian parents from Alappuzha, Kerala works in an MNC in Washington as an accountant. born to Mr. Murlirajan and Latharan, Swetha moved to the US for her higher studies. Garry is the manager of the firm too. Both of them knew each other for more than 7 years prior to their wedding, which later lead them to a relationship.
When they decided to get married, they chose the wedding destination to be India. Rich with backwaters and lush green Alappuzha suits their choice. Wearing traditional Kerala Sari and rich golden ornaments, Swetha appeared as a typical Mallu bride. On the other hand, the groom was never behind. The typical dhoti-clad Mallu groom in white silky shirt image never got changed in his attire as well.
Garry put the Thali (golden chain) around Swetha’s neck. Numerous relatives and friends of Swetha attended the wedding. Seven friends from the US joined Garry to attend the wedding in India.
The returned to Washington a week later and had yet another wedding there.

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