Pencil artists are of various types and styles. Though they do the same job, their styles never are the same. Some are best in dot drawing, whereas others excel in lines. The thickness and shades make the picture looks different from one another. Even the types of the pencils being used make difference.
sunil chethri
Amaresh Rajan is a young artist from Kannur, Kerala. He started drawing at the young age as a hobby. Later he takes it as a passion. He even participated in several competitions.
mother mariya
Amaresh’s subjects are unique and precious. The way he presents his subjects on paper is so simple and beautiful. he is very much skilled in dot drawing. his image of baby Jesus in the hands of mother Mary is simply awesome and an absolute stunner. But he prefers to draw his subjects using lines and shades.
The most striking factor about his drawing is the use of light lines and shades. Most pencil artists use hard lines and strokes to express the subjects they draw. Some say hard strokes gives the artist more confidence. Even Amaresh himself used such strokes when he drew the legendary Argentine communist leader Che Guevera. But Amaresh mostly uses mild to soft strokes and simple drawings and make it look grand.
One can see the more of Amaresh’s drawings here.

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