Let the sky be an umbrella over the sand, as the horizon stays with its reddish background. Let the western wind chills our mind, let the sea and sand witness us getting married. These simple wishes by the Siju and Steena got fulfilled on Feb 25, 2018, as they got married at Cherai beach, near Vaipin, Kochi, Kerala. The beachside wedding is not new to this beach. But this wedding is happening here after a short gap.


Siju is an Indian guy from Kannur district of Kerala, India. He works as a instructor in Food and nutrition at a school in Stockholm. Born to Czheck-German parents, Steena is working as a revenue manager in an American travel firm at Stockholm.steena-siju

The interest towards Hinduism, its rituals and Vedas brought the couple together. Steena learned Yoga and meditation from Nepal. Earlier, they’ve been to Cherai beach together and when they came to know about its history with weddings, they have decided to fix their wedding here.steena-siju

As per Hindu rituals, the couple got married at a Vedic learning center. After their wedding they reached the beachside resort were the celebrations occurred. The relatives of both the bride and groom were also present at the resort.steena-siju


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