India has good foreign ties which help the students all over the world who seek better education to reach in India and join best educational institutions and resume their studies. The citizens from selected countries across the globe have options to apply for even government jobs too. Those counties are not just our neighbors, but they include those from the African continent. This story is about one such student who came to India and ended up finding a family in India. This is the story of Sona and Solomon.

Sona is a pretty Indian girl from Gurgaon who met Kelvin Solomon, a Nigerian boy and married him. Solomon came to India as an exchange student and he joined one of the premier institutions in north India. He and Sona were friends since their college as they both were classmates.

The couple started dating a couple of years back and they got married in 2015. Both the Sona and Solomon used to attend the functions organized by the African communities in Inia. Their Indian style wedding was attended by the bride’s family and friends along with the people from African communities in India.

They live peacefully as a perfect blindian couple in Noida, were the recent hate attacks against the African nationals happened by few angry mobs.

21 thoughts on “Sona and Solomon: The story of an Indian girl who fell in love with a Nigerian student in Delhi

  1. Awesome….wishing the couple well. Wish there were more stories like this climbing the walls and barriers of the prejudices that is so rampant within the Asian communities.

    1. Dear mark, keep following us for more and more such beautiful stories

  2. Omg this is me! never imagine that We are going to someone’s story some day this this just a big surprise for me because someone told me that your love story in Internet..

    1. Well, its a small world Sons. You two ought to make a YouTube video out of it.
      We wish u the best

  3. Sona and Solomon I wish the very best…how are y’all .. god bless u both #loveisreal ❤️

  4. This is all a fake story about me. The man is here you can see, he is a greedy man that is running around with rich women’s and eat there money he is married legally with me here in India but after I gave birth for him a cute child he still runaway and now having relationship with an old woman which is older then him 25 years old just because of money he felt India because the government refuse to give him the married Visa residency from here ,then he move to his country back and told me he will back in 2 months max this is no w more then 1.5 years , he never ask of his son and me because of money and he also spends money to get this fake story online

    1. Your proud and rude nature was actually the end of the union… I can’t cope with such a toxic indian girl like u.. So let go and just move on.. bcus is very over between us.

    2. Now I wish that you don’t run after Indian guys for ur child and financial reasons ,I request Indian guys to just disregard her who earlier disregarded you and went for this african

    3. Now I wish you don’t run after Indian guys for ur child and financial reasons,I request all Indian guys to disregard her who disregarded us and went for this african

  5. This is so embrassing, can u just imagine all because of money,that guy did not love u all his plan is just to use u to gain citizenship in that country, as the matter of fact am also a nigerian,50%nigerian men a good but women are the worst sona sry

  6. You’re a terrible woman.. No man can have peace with such a rude proud girl like you.. better still, grow up..

  7. That’s cool I’m not sleeping hungry or not dying for him he will pay for all he has done soon and regret his life

    1. Hi Sona I followed your story few years back. You took a bold step of marrying a person of your choice. But he dumped you with a baby as I understand. It really feels bad to hear that.
      The recent Corona epidemic was really bad hope you and your kid are doing good. I am also living in Noida with my husband. Please feel free to ping me we can get in touch if you want.

  8. Hey you blakie why the hell did you leave her ..I will break you shitty and filthy face ..never come back in my country…you to you Africa…you hurt my indian girl you bastard ..go and fuck yourself….

  9. You prickle bush son of a biscuit, u just lost a rare gem, if I was u, I would be happy and thanking GOD for her , she is not just an Indian, she is very BEAUTIFUL. U are an embarrassment to Nigeria

  10. Sona, i just don’t understand why pretty indian women such as yourself and other pretty indian women would stoop so low to marry these ugly ass funky loser ass african dudes..i just don’t get it

  11. Blackman black sense they say.he dumb you all because of money,it shows that that guy did not love you. There is nothing beautiful in this would than to be with someone you love sometime it’s turn the other way around, it faith happiness never last long. This should be a lesson for you Sona and any indian girls . That’s why I like most white people they give Love with all their hearts but in Africa mostly Nigeria they have no heart at all.they have forgotten that without love in the world it will be useless and meaningless a country where alot of self-centered people who doesn’t care about their family folks friends.they only care about themselves I just hate been a black guy

  12. The guy made a bad mistake by leaving you and the child, I’m a Nigerian Boy and I’ll be very glad to marry an Indian girl because I love everything about them

    Not all Nigerian guys are the same oo

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