Love surely knows no barriers, at least not the barriers of religion, nation, and nationality. If it did, then Siri, a Brahmin girl hailing from Mysuru would have not fallen in love with Christin Ontra, a Catholic boy from Germany. The Whindian couple decided to take their relationship to the next level and in a traditional Brahmin wedding, the two tied the knot, on March 29, 2016.
Siri is the daughter of K V Ramesh Shastry, a retired employee of HPCL and Vidya Shastry. She had left for Munich in Germany to pursue engineering. It is at this point in time that she fell in love with Christin, an engineer. It is said that Christin’s parents-Ulrich A Ontra and Christin Petra loved India and Indian culture and when they discovered that their son was in love with an Indian girl, they were more than an elated to welcome her home.
Siri & Christin Ontra
On the other hand, Siri’s parents who wanted her to be married to a Brahmin boy were a little dejected, finally agreed to give their consents for the wedding. The love story had a ‘Happily ever after’ ending and at the wedding venue, there were over 50 German nationals who became a witness to the union.
The German guests, including the groom and his family, were curiously watching various traditions of the wedding-from ‘Kashi Yathre’ to ‘Padapuje’, from ‘Mangalyadharane’ to ‘Janivara Samskara’.
Speaking to the press, Christin said that he had watched Hindu weddings on Youtube, but the fact that he too has got married as per Hindu tradition is yet to sink in.

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