This is all about a big shot interracial couple happened to have a simplest wedding without losing its sarah-and-dorah-wih-isaac elegance and beauty. The couple we are talking about is Sarah Isaac and Max Macclenberg. Sarah is from India. She is the daughter of the Finance minister in the state of Kerala, India, Dr. Thomas Isaac. Max is an American. Both Sarah and max are doing their doctoral research in New York University, were they met. The wedding was happened on August 12th in New york, in the presence of the near and dear of the bride and groom. The groom arrived in a black customary suit while Sarah came in for the wedding as a traditional Kerala bride, wearing a stunning red Kancheepuram saree. Both bride and groom formed a perfect Indian interracial couple.

Sarah and Max“My girl Sarah’s wedding will occur in New York on Friday, August 12. She will get hitched to Max, who is seeking after master degree in physical health at New York University. He is one of the student activists who has challenged Iraq war and is presently intrigued to manage the issues of housing issues. His mom Dr. Anita Grossman is a history teacher at Cooper Union University and his dad Dr. Frank Mecklenburg is the chief archivist and research director at Leo Baeck Institute [translated from Malayalam],” Thomas Isaac said in his social media page.

Mr. Isaac has two daughters Sarah and Dorah, both live with their mother, whom Dr. Isaac already got divorced.

Post marriage, the couple and their friends made a visit to Kerala too.

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