It is love that brings two hearts together, despite all barriers of color, race, and religion. Today, were are going to one such story of an Indian boy who met and fell in love with his fellow batchmate in Paris. This batchmate is a French girl.

A boy from Karimnagar, in the south Indian state of Telangana, who went to pursue his higher education in Paris, fell in love with a French girl and has married her in his native place on a grand scale in Jammikunta.

Chiranjeevi Goud, son of Maddi Parasuramulu and Varalakshmi of Bethigal village, Veenavanka mandal, Karimnagar District, went to do Ph.D. in Paris. During his study a France, he met fellow student Sakhira Grill and fell in love with her. Both decided to get married. But, the bride has only one condition, which is to get married in Indian style, which he heard of celebrations and other extravaganzas.

The blushing bride told The Hans India, which reported this lovely Indian interracial wedding news that she was deeply moved by the friendly nature of local residents. She had persuaded her parents, John Doel and Rayida, not only to agree to the marriage but also attend it. Though the bride’s parents couldn’t make it to India, her sister and brother-in-law, friends from Paris also attended the wedding. The family and friends of the groom along with the people from his village attended the wedding to bless their local boy and his French wife.

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