It is never a new thing in the media to have advertisements that convey the wrong message to the people or several advertisements that failed to reach out to their audience. The Dove has reached into such a crisis when they introduced their new lotion through the social media. The ad misfired poorly and the cosmetics giant had to apologize for such a blunder.


It was GIF image which was circulated through the social media, in which shows a woman of color wearing a brown T-shirt smiling a camera and when she took her shirt off, it reveals a fair skin woman wearing a white T-shirt looking at the camera and smiling. A bottle of their new fairness lotion is also seen in the foreground.


Their racist ad also said that white is the best color along with those visuals. The ad gets wide criticism from every nuke and corner. Many popular faces from the modeling industry came forward criticizing the Dove for promoting their product in a such a cheap manner, which eventually forced them to apologize on Twitter and take down their ad.


Apart from apologizing in twitter, they also released a statement on their Facebook page, which reads as follows: dove-apologizeThe social media users are still not convinced by the apology from Dove as many people still believe that their apology is ridiculous. Make-up artist and blogger Naythemua (Naomi Blake) described the advert as “tone deaf” (not only a salient point, also a great pun). She explained: “To know that colorism is a problem in the world, that includes bleaching the skin, and they would put this ad out without a thought… [It] makes no sense.”

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