The Puttu is one of the favorite dishes in the south Indian state of Kerala. It is also known as steamed rice cake, which is a healthiest as well as easy to prepare dish for your breakfast. Let us take a look at the ingredients as well as the steps required for making the dish.

The puttu is made using a specialized vessel called ‘puttu maker’ which comprises two halves; the bottom pot and a cylindrical puttu holder.

Puttu can also be served with sugar instead of curries or pappad

Ingredients needed

  • Rice flour – 2 Cups or 1/2 kilograms of raw rice
  • Grated coconut – 1 cup
  • Water 1/2 cup
  • Salt

How to make:

Raw Rice (If instant puttu powder is not available in the stores near you):


  1. Soak rice for about 2 hours.
  2. Drain the water completely and dry the wet rice in a cool place and grind it to a coarse powder form.
  3. In a pan heat, the rice powder for 3-4 minutes but do not roast and let it cool.


  1. In a large bowl, take the rice powder and sprinkle lukewarm water onto the flour. Add salt to taste and mix it thoroughly with hand. (Be careful in mixing water. The perfect combination of water and rice powder gives the good result. It should be a breadcrumb consistency and not form a dough. The more water you add to mix, the more sticky the cake would be.)
  2. Keep the mixed flour for 5 minutes.
  3. In a Puttu Kutti (Puttu making vessel easily available in the market) add 2 cups of water into the bottom vessel of the puttu maker and allow to simmer till hot. Place the round perforated disc with holes inside the puttu maker such that it fits well at the bottom of the mould.
  4. Place 1 layer of grated coconut at the bottom of the puttu maker.
  5. Carefully and slowly add about 6 tbsps of the puttu powder from a height followed by another layer of grated coconut.
  6. Again you can layer with 6 tbsps of puttu powder and finish off with 1 layer of grated coconut on the top.
  7. Place the closing lid over the puttu mould and place the mould over the bottom vessel.
  8. Steam it for 10 minutes.
  9. Open the closing lid, take the mould from the bottom vessel.
  10. push the disc placed inside the mould with a knife of anything long, by placing the other end towards a casa roll slowly.
  11. Serve the puttu with ripened bananas or curries or even pickles.

Watch the video to know more

Where to buy

Puttu powder:

From Amazon: Click here (They is brown rice, which is also good and tastier too)

but, the best available instant puttu powder is from the brand called Brahmins. Click here.

Puttu maker:

From Walmart: Click here. You can fetch the same from any other stores that sell Indian goods.


One doesn’t need to buy a puttu maker to make puttu, unless he is not that conscious about the shape. The busy moms at Indians homes make it in another way around with the help of pizza pans. They fill the bottom layer of the pan with grated coconut and then make a heap of mixed flour over it. After this, the pan is kept inside a rice cooker or a steel vessel, with water inside it. The only thing to keep in mind is to not let the water inside the vessel contact with the pizza pan. Cook it for 10-15 minutes after closing the lid of the vessel.

Courtesy: Chandru's kitchen, cheena chatti


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