When she came to India for her tour, 25 year old Prem Trith from Australia never thought it would be a turning point in her life. She just came in for her trip and met this man who was supposed to guide her trip, turned out to be the man who became the part of her journey of life! This Indian interracial 10888782_828670323863328_3920477196594033485_nrelationship story is really simple but romantic too.

Anirudh Kumar, 30 is a guide in the historic city of Gaya, were the iconic Jagannath temple situated. In the year 2014, Trith came to visit the city and Kumar accompanied her as a guide. This trip led them to fall in love and later decided to marry. In 2014, Trith came back to India and the couple got married at the Jagannath temple, were they met and fell in love each other. This interracial marriage was held as per the Hindu traditions with the bride wearing a stunning red silk saree and the groom appeared in a charming golden silk Sherwani. The couple decided to stay in India together after the marriage.

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