Preity Zinta is one of the noted Indian actor, who had made her presence in several other fields such a sports, fashion, social causes. She is one of the experienced actresses in the Indian cinema who have multifaceted personality.

Goodenough is based out of Los Angeles. He was graduated in  from Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles. By chance, well known television star, Kim Kardashian’s sibling, Rob Kardashian happens to be a former student of the very same business school. Preity too has a decent educational backing with a post graduate degree in criminal psychology, appears to be fitting that her accomplice too is an exceptionally all around qualified proficient to make them both to be a great interracial couple.

In the midst of speculations, Preity Zinta at last got hitched to Gene Goodenough on February 28, 2016. The couple got married in a Hindu wedding service in Los Angeles with a personal occasion including family and dear friends. Supposedly, the couple will now have a stupendous get-together in Mumbai, for Preity’s companions from the business. All things considered, now that the young lady is good to go to set out upon another excursion in life, we thought it would be a decent time to take in somewhat more about her accomplice, Gene.

Gene is currently working with a renewable energy development company in LA, NLine Energy Inc. as the Senior Vice President in their Product and Finance division. Before that, he had worked with the Bank of America as their Assistant Vice President and prior as the Vice President/Director of Product Management at Interthinx.

Preity is a customary guest to Los Angeles as her niece and nephew are set up there. On one of her visits a couple of years prior, the performing artist went over Gene and the two hit it off right away. When they initially began dating, the on-screen character’s companions did not think the relationship had a future; they weren’t even certain if the two were even remotely genuine. Figure, the wedding came as a wonderful shock for them!

Gene happens to be one of the key witness, when she was manhandled by her ex-boyfriend, Ness Wadia during a IPl match at the Wankhede stadium a few years ago. Gene was the one to stop Ness at the time and shield Preity. While Goodenough was close by from the beginning, he is said to have been somewhat hesitant getting included in fights in court. Notwithstanding, when Preity traveled to LA to persuade him, he concurred.

Preity Zinta’s marriage has been on the hotlist of news circuits for some time now, what with a few or the other insight about her approaching wedding coming our direction at regular intervals. As indicated by reports, the on-screen character at long last got married to her US-based boyfriend, Gene Goodenough in a Hindu wedding function on February 28, 2016. This Ind-American interracial wedding occurred in Los Angeles in the midst of a chosen few visitors including the couple’s families and dear companions. In spite of the considerable number of endeavors to keep their wedding private, the nosy media has figured out how to lay its hands on a photo of the wedding mandap that has been doing rounds on the web. The mandap, which is said to have been set up some place close Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills, looks out and out fantastic.

The pictures of the wedding has not yet available, as it was a private function involving the knot and kin of the bride and groom. A large number of personalities rom the Bollywood gathered in the post wedding reception which involves almost every heroes in her previous projects, which includes Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan, Shahid kapoor with his wife Mira Rajput to be named the few.

During the reception, Gene appeared in ethnic ensemble looked every bit an Indian groom, whereas Preity looked oh-so-beautiful in a red lehenga designed by Manish Malhotra

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