Online surveys: Is it wise or will it turn to be vice?

You might be familiar with the advertisements in the newspapers stating “earn Rs.25000 per month at home”, ‘earn by doing simple surveys’ etc. Most of these advertisements are meant to mislead people and invest money, which they never happen to get back again. You cannot guarantee that you are getting paid right or you will be getting the job that you desired. Everything depends on your worth and choice.

Freelance jobs are a trend now days. I was very much interested in doing such jobs that are being advertised in the newspapers. I even contacted the numbers they gave in those advertisements. They demanded me to pay big heck of money and after that they will give me work. It was just a trick as the fact was that we are not going to get the payment to the half of the amount that we paid for getting that.

Another joke involved in this is the surveys through the PTC sites. It was a ‘trend’ amongst many of us (me and my batch-mates) till last year, i mean 2010. From 2007 to 2011, there were large number of users rushing in to the PTC sites as the mouth of the word says that these sites offers you good fortune. For my bad luck, me too tried it once, but i wont have to regret as I didn’t continued with it. The fact is that, I don’t have the patience to wait for few seconds for the links to appear, while doing the surveys. I knew about one of my homie, who earned around $5700 from almost 7 or 8 PTC sites through working for more than 300 hours. He was a regular visitor in my friend’s cafe for almost one and half year. He now stopped working as he realized that he never get those magical figures as money. This is because, the PTC sites are sharing the cash for doing one survey amongst the number of users who are doing the same thing. So for an $5 survey, there will be 5000+ users and you will be getting around $0.0001 for a survey!

There are many other sites which promising you to earn big heck of money as the proceedings going on to further ‘levels’ (They called so). Many people approached me on the behalf of many MLM brand names and told me to invest in it and try, so that I can also earn by selling their products or making other people to investing it. But I never trust the online surveys and also other marketing, thereafter doing PTC  jobs. Few days back, I happen to see an advertisement of another multi-level marketing (MLM) named speakasia during the commercial breaks. I knew that it will be the same as other MLM, but people are showing alot of interest into it. So i decided to know, how genuine it is and searched web regarding this. I finally ended up with this. I realized that, there are many other people in this world, who want to dig and know more about this like me.

So, when concluding, i would like to remind you from my experience and knowledge in this field, nothing is free in this world and just the same is over the web. If you have the skill, then you will be rewarded for it and no one will asks for your qualification in it. You have to work hard for it and you will be critically acclaimed for who you are and what you are, which is priceless compared to anything that you earned. i advice my dear friends, not to fall for it and instead, save you time and money.

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