It was a celebration of one of the most beautiful romances the sub-continent has ever witnessed. An interracial romance between an Indian man and his Slovakian fiancée, and the fulfillment of their love which they wished to be happen in a unique way: getting married underwater!

Nikhil Pawar, from Maharashtra, India, is a diver working with Bond Safari Kovalam, an initiative started to provide a state-of-the-art diving experience in Indian waters. Eunika Pogran is a 23-year-old political science graduate from Slovakia. They met each other in July 2016 in Thiruvananthapuram, and they fell deeply in love with each other.

Seven months later, during an otherwise-routine dive, Nikhil pulled out a placard with the words “Will you marry me?” written on it in waterproof ink. Eunika happily accepted, and plans were put underway to get married soon thereafter.

With the help of Nikhil’s boss Jackson,  managing partner of Bond Safari, the simple ring-exchange ceremony took shape. “Destination weddings have been gaining popularity across the world, but an underwater wedding is a first here…They picked Kovalam because it’s considered a great tourist and wedding destination,” said Jackson.

A special platform made of coconut palms, wood and leaves was built four metres deep in the ocean for the bridal party of 10. A friend of the groom, who along with the entire bridal party wore scuba gear, conducted the ceremony. The bride and the groom, dressed in their Christian wedding clothes along with their dive gear, exchanged vows via holding up placards at the appropriate time.

They exchanged rings and placed a garland made of seashells over each other’s shoulders. Thirty minutes into the ceremony, the officiant held up a sign that read “You may now kiss the bride”, the couple took off their mouthpieces, and sealed their wedding with a kiss.

Nikhil and his wife Eunika

Photo credit: The Deccan Herald

Speaking to The News Minute over the phone, Nikhil confirmed that the couple will also get married in a formal Christian ceremony in Slovakia in a few weeks. “We have always wanted to do something interesting for our wedding and Eunika readily agree when I proposed the idea of an underwater wedding. Being a regular traveller and a diving enthusiast, she quickly learnt everything and found no issues underwater. After we first met seven months ago in Kovalam, she went back to her hometown and returned a month ago. Wedding was not in the plan then, but since we were confident of taking our relationship to the next level, we decided to take the plunge,” said Nikhil with a smile.

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