Neelima and Mat loved each other and decided to marry according to their respective customs and cultures. Neelima is a pretty Indian girl from the south Indian state of Kerala. Matt is a handsome Brit. Both met each other during their college years in the UK.
They decide to get married in Kerala as per Hindu tradition and the wedding photography expert team called Framehunt was hired. Framehunt, under the leadership of Sujith, did a splendid job and the video became an instant hit on Youtube. Both the bride and groom came wearing Keralite dresses. Matt’s parents and friends flew to India for the wedding.

Matt’s parents came to know about this video and they hired Framehunt to cover their son’s wedding with Neelima at the UK. It was a Christian wedding. Now, the videos of both the Chrisitan wedding and Hindu wedding as viral on the web.

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