On September 14th, 2017, the sub registrar’s office at Mattancheri, Kerala witnessed an Indian interracial wedding between an Indian man and a Russian woman. It was the marriage of Vijay Kumar and Natalia Pinegina. Natalia is a Russian girl who fell in love with Vijay, who is a tattoo artist at Fort Kochi.


natalia & vijay at Sub-Registrar’s Office

Natalia didn’t have experienced the tense when she travels all the way from Russia to India for her fulfillment of love, but the laggy Internet connection and legal tangles which kept her waiting for more than two long hours make her bit her nails.

The couple met seven months back when Natalia came to visit India. On her walk to the beach, she met Vijay at his work. She approached Vijay for a tattoo and thus met and it was the beginning of a good friendship. Ever since then, Natalia visits India and Vijay frequently and they decided to marry.natalia-&-vijay

Natalia & Vijay had already decided to get married when they met in her earlier visit to India, but it didn’t happen then. Theis whindian marriage was registered as per Special Marriage Act (Click here to know about Special Marriage Act) as one person from the bridegroom being a foreigner. With the help of a former counselor by name Antony Kureethara, who is also a lawyer, Natalia and Vijay obtained the legal permission for the marriage. Thus the marriage took place at the Sub Registrar’s office as per the Act.

Vijay runs a tattoo shop called Man Machine Tattoo at Fort Cochin. Natalia hails from Kirow province of Russian Federation and works as a Manager at a firm. The couple has decided to stay in India after the marriage. Vijay has a mother at home who is a school teacher. She was glad when she got to know about her son’s relationship. Vijay also has a sister who already got married and settled at her husband’s place.

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Courtesy: Mathrubhumi, Manorama


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