Every interracial marriages are being celebrated by media in India, but not about this great couple. This is the story of Joe Ikareth and his wife Murielle. Murielle hails from France and Joe is from the Kottayam district of Kerala, India.



Murielle has been in Kerala for the past 24 years. She is active in her husband’s place with her dance and her ayurveda treatment. She believed that one should visit all over the globe than read it in your books to know about this world. So, she traveled alot. Thus, after her primary studies in France, she came to know about the Indian arts and traditions.

She came to India with a desire to know about the Indian culture, arts and traditions and joined Banaras Hindu University to study the Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form. Leaving France for India at the age of 19, was a turning point in her life which she never expected to be happened in her life.

While in India, Murielle was very much interested in the diverse cultures within this country. While, being the student of Banaras University and going from one stage to another with her dance performances, she came to know about the state of Kerala.

The costumes for her dance performances were designed by a designer from Kottayam in the

Joe Ikaretha with one of his works

Joe Ikareth with one of his works                                                                                            Courtesy:Manorama

state of Kerala from whom Murielle came to know more about the God’s Own Country. Joe, an alumnus of the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi is not any conventional designer you may spot at fashion weeks who bend on selling his brand using unscrupulous marketing techniques. Instead, he is someone who adds a humanitarian touch in his works wherever possible, like clothes designed for specially-abled people.

One of Joe's shows

One of Joe’s shows

Her urge to know more about Kerala turned their friendship to romance  and eventually its ends up in marriage.

In the meantime, she completed her Bharatanatyam course along with training in contemporary dance and she was active in various stages all over India with performances. After her marriage with Joe, she was interested in knowing the art form and martial arts in Kerala, which leds her to learn ayurveda.

She started her ayurvedic classes and at the same time she followed the organic farming techniques. In 2008, after being graduated as an Ayurvedic doctor, she started an ayurvedic clinic named ‘Saram’, with the help of a friend. Though she used to visit France after being a doctor, Kerala beckons her each time.

Murielle with her patients and friends

Murielle with her patients and friends

Now, Murielle is not a French woman for the people of Kottayam. Instead, she is their favorite doctor. Her husband Joe started a boutique in the ancient Jewish town of Mattanchery in Ernakulam district of Kerala. The couple of blessed with a beautiful girl.


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