Multi Level Marketing (MLM): Is that a goldmine or just a waste of time?

Each and every one among us are very much concerned about making money. We need money for anything and everything. We are also ready to follow any steps, if somebody told us that, by walking through that way can earn you good fortune. It is same with the case of MLM business. I didn’t meant it to underestimate the all MLM businesses.  But there are some organizations, prey on innocent people, with a flattering amount of hundred thousands income a year after joining this makes the MLM unfaithful.

MLM business was started in America in early 60s and it got very much acclaimed all over as the starting capital was very small or very less. It was mere hard work among the people involved in it, makes the MLM business in to prosperity. This is the reason for the popularity among the peole for the MLM business. You company need not have any capital or big brand names. The member involved in it make it large. The people are selected on the basis of this.

The pyramid of growth is the main sign of growth in a MLM marketing. The pyramid will expand at it terminal end. This is the advantage of this type of business. The business will be in such a way that, it will be marketing a product or providing any service. Most of the MLM businesses demands money from the new-comers to start their business. They consider this as their capital to start their own franchise.

The main advantage for a MLM business is lack of trust. It is just like running a financing company, money lender. if someone made any rumor about the trust of the company, then the status of the company will be unbalanced. People start to ask for their money back and this in turn affects the business in one node. The hard part then occur is that, the people in the terminal nodes are to suffer as they will not get even the half amount that they spend.

This is same idea as that of the money chain system. They are before you in different names and different offers. Baiscally, all are same. These features will always helsp the top level. the people in the lower level will get profit, only if there are further proceeding in the node with him/her as the root. So for every additions, the members in the top level of the pyramid get benefited. So a sudden failure to the whole pyramid will not affect the top level as they made their profit out of this business, but the root nodes have to suffer. They don’t have any guarantee about the money that they pay. They are not sure, whether they will get their money back or not.

So, this business might be interesting for those who want to make profit in a rapid fire, but you cannot guarantee how long this fortune helps your or will this bring back profit. The world is full of competition. So as the thing with business also. You cannot trust anyone in business, but it is trust what matters in MLM. You will not get any investor, if he do not trust you. He has to trust you and invest in your pyramid, so as to expand it to further levels. So you have to consider your brothers, father, mother etc as investors than your relations. Emotions and relations have good part in playing this to a grand success. Since you are adding your family members, a loss in the business will make big problems in the relationship also. So trust always matter here.

Thus the MLM business have its own advantages as well as disadvantages. One have to think wisely about his caliber, his recognition amongst the friends network, value in the family and other reputations before you join as its your task to add more people through persuasion.

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