Working as a Senior Manager in an MNC at Mumbai, Francis Xavier and his relatives had already started searching for a girl through various sources. It happened while browsing through an Indian dating site, they found a foreigner in it. It belonged to Monic Susannah, a Hungarian national. Curious about the profile and the person, Francis started chatting her and at the same time, enquired about her through his friend in Hungary.francis-monica

Susannah was seriously looking for a husband from India as she heard about the family bonding as per the Indian culture. Being a teacher at a chapel, prayer is important to her. She also heard that the prayers are som important with Indian Christian families. Thus she responded to Francis’s request to chat.

As he got the reply from Hungary from his friend about Susannah, Francis gets more involved to her and they started chatting through Skype and started to know each other more. When they decided to get married, with the blessings from both families, Susannah flew to Kochi, where they got married in a church. The groom’s relatives and friends were present in the simple function. The wedding was later registered as per Special Marriage Act.francis-monica

The Whindian couple later flew to Hungary, were they get married yet again in the presence of the bride’s knit and kin.

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