Stories about the interracial couples never end as they happen every day and we bring those happy stories to you no matter where it happens. This is the story of an Indian woman who doesn’t need any formal introduction. She is someone who made her name among every fashionista in the globe. She is one among the few keralaites who made their own way to be the popular and the most wanted celebrity in social media.

Speaking about her family, Mini was born to a middle-class Christian family in Kottayam, Kerala. he father was a teacher and her mother was a housewife. She used to be called as Minimol or Paru at home. She used to be an active participant in dramas as well as dance competitions and won several, which she gained through her training while being young.

Soon after her school, she moved to the United States to continue her studies and started doing her degree in Business and Internet Marketing. It was during her studies in the US, she met this California-based businessman, Richard Labus. Like any interracial marriages, Mini too happened to hear criticisms from near and dears for marrying outside the race. But she lovingly rubbishes them as she had trust in her husband Richard and she used to say, ‘he completes me’.

The couple had two handsome boys. Every woman who craves to become a model or a celebrity in their younger ages. But it was really opposite in the case of Mini Richard as she started out in her 30s. Though acting was there were her dreams, she never thought about it seriously. earlier she did a small role in a Telugu film and she had already proved that acting is her cup of tea. She started her FB page ‘mini Richard’ and started posting her own pictures in both western and Indian style dresses, which was widely accepted and reactions from her fans across the globe came in.

Now, Mini Richard is an internet sensation, moreover, she is an actress who has proven her ability to handle pivotal roles in films. Parankimala is just a simple example where she showcased her role of a simple village woman in Kerala with ease.

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