It was Michele’s first flight… It was a journey from Manila, Philipines to Kannamali, near Kochi, India. While boarding the flight, she had one and only one face in her mind. Jinish, a fishing net seller on the Kannamali coast. She didn’t come to see him and leave, but to live with him. In fact, it was the climax of an extraordinary love story and Indo-Filipino interracial love story. A trip which she made with a clear vision about everything that going to happen. Jinish was waiting at Kochi airport waiting for Michele. He straight away took her to Kannamali. Ten days after reaching his house, Michele and Jinish got married at Mattanchery Registrar office under special marriage act. Michele, a Filipino girl got married to an Indian guy. A truth, which Jinish still couldn’t believe.

It is not at all extraordinary thing to happen in India were Indian men getting married to foreigner girls. But, when it comes to his life, Jinish cannot believe what really happened.

It happened three years back when he met Michele via Facebook. Both of them were group mates in a believer’s church group based in Manila. Jinish decided to get involved with all the members of the group. He also sends messages to Michele, like all the others in the group, After one week, Michele responded. There it started a good friendship.

Jinish is not fluent in English. Moreover, he faces some speech disabilities. While he speaks, the listeners get a feeling that this young man has got some disabilities, even though they are not serious. He is really aware of this problem and thus he used to keep himself away from everything.It also affected his career. After his matriculation, he stopped going to school and resumed his studies in distance mode. While doing his bachelors, his relationship with Michele started.

Love has no languages

According to Jinish, Love has not language. While meeting his friend miles across the seas via Skype, their eyes spoke for them.

According to Michele, Jinish’s behavior attracts her. He is a teetotaler, without any drinking or smoking habits. He does not have any urge to make money. He has faith in God and moreover, he loves her wholeheartedly. What else should a woman expect from her other half?

Initially, Jinish tried to communicate to Michele with his broken English and later he decided to open up about his disorders to her, believing that he really had something wrong.

Opening up through his uncle

By the time he decided to reveal about himself, its been one and half years since they met and started chatting. He went to his uncle who is fluent in English. His mother, who was a school teacher accompanied him to his uncle. His mother always supported him with his desires.

Uncle spoke with Michele over Skype. He spoke to her about his disabilities. Michele responded that she is fine with it. Then Jinish made one more thing clear with Michele that once got married, they will settle in India and never go back to her country, which she agreed.

A Journey after leaving everything behind

A graduate in psychology, Michele was working as a teacher. She was earning well too. She had mother and sister at home. She hails from a middle-class family settled in a village. She is not a spendthrift and not at all active in social media too. It was mere coincidence that she started using Facebook. Like many Indian middle-class families, her family didn’t own a car and prefers public transport for their trips.

At first, She told Jinish to come to Philipines. But Jinish said he will not go anywhere leaving his mother behind. When she understood this, she decided to come to India and meet her love.

‘I have decided that my life will be with Jinish So, I couldn’t come to India.’ Says Michele.

When the unbelievable thing happened

When Michele called Jinish over the phone and informed that she have boarded a flight to India, he was sitting in his shop. He didn’t dare to say it to anyone. He immediately hired a car and left for Nedumbassery Airport. Upon reaching the airport, he contacted the airport staff and checked the passenger list. Yes, Michele’s name was on the list. He was like on top of the world then. His prayers turned out to be real. He thanked God for such a moment. When she got out of the airport, Michele saw Jinish standing at some distance. But her behavior amazed him. She behaved like they used to live together for sometime long. They returned to the home and on the way back home, hey visited a friend’s hotel. That friend gave Jinish an application form which needs to be filled and submitted to the local police station in order to let a foreigner live in an Indian home. He filled the form and submitted it to the Kannamali police station.

The next day, they went to registrar’s office and completed the legal proceedings for the marriage.

Michele, the net seller

She sells the fishing nets at Jinish’s shop in the coast of Kannamali. She does the chores at home and has started learning how to cook Indian dishes.

When asked about her return to Philipines, she smiles and says ‘If Jinish is coming, I am ready to go anywhere.’ The only thing she needs to deal with is the mosquito bites in the coastal regions of Kerala.

Everything worked because of God’s grace

It is more than 13000 kilometers from Kochi to Manila. I have never thought of getting a partner from there. ‘Everything happened because of God’s grace’ says Jinish. He believes that he could earn money to support both. But Michele is looking forward to finding a job too, which the couple hopes will work out somehow.

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