‘Bride from Kanjirapally and the groom from Canada’ john-maria-marriagewas the headlines for the local daily when they report the wedding of this beautiful couple. Yes, it was. It was a yet another beautiful Indian Interracial wedding taken place in the southern state of Kerala, India. Maria, an Indian girl from Kanjirappally in Kerala state got married to a Canadian boy named John at Anjalipa St. pious in October 2015.  maria-and-john-marriage-3

Maria moved to Canada for her post graduation course in nursing and during her studies. While in Canada, Maria good friend, her teacher, Ms. Irin. Irin used to talk about her family and once she mentioned about her son John to Maria. They even thereafter several times.  maria-and-john-marriage-5

They became good friends so easily and started going out for lunch dates. It was through maria, John started learning culture of Kerala and more about the cuisine of this very small state. Both of them used to visit a diner in Cambridge that serves the Kerala dishes named ‘Taste of Malayali’. Thus, spicy dishes like Masala Dosas and Biriyanis happened to be one among the favorites for that Canadian young man and so does the girl who introduced those to him.

2John and Maria started loving each other and decided to marry. But Maria and her parents put forwarded wanted the happened to be at the church near the bride’s home. It was acceptable for the groom as well as his family. They flew to India and by mid October, 2015, Maria got married to john.


Maria and john with Maria’s parents and siblings at her house in kanjirapally

1It was a beautiful ceremony. The groom chose to wear traditional Christian wedding design of Kerala, The handwoven white dhoti  and natching silk kurta with Chinese collar. The bride appeared in a white silk with splendid white embroidery and later in a red Kancheepuram silk with golden dots. Thus, an Whindian Interracial relationship had an happy ending.

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