Same sex marriages are legalized in several countries and many same sex marriages do happen in those countries. But, most of those marriages consist of the brides belonging to same race and beliefs. But when Kalavati Mistry from Leicester married Jewish-born Miriam Jefferson from Texas, they wrote a new history being the first interracial lesbian couple to get married in the United Kingdom.


How they met

Kalavati Misry is an Indian origin woman who practicing Hinduism and Miriam is a Jew. The couple met each other twenty years back at a training program in connection with their job. But, they decided to get married this year.

It was a traditional Indian ceremony as per the Hindu rituals held in the heart of the city. The marriage was solemnized by Ms. Chanda Vyas; the first female Hindu priest in the UK. Earlier the year, the couple got married at Texas as per Jewish rituals.

Watch their marriage

First Interfaith lesbian wedding in UK with…


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