It was more than a dream come true for Sinoj and Mousumi, when they got married last day. sinoj weds mousumiThe fulfillment of their five year long romance. Sinoj is local boy for the people of Thiruvangad in Thalasserry, Kerala, India.

He is working as a Karate teacher in Japan and Mousumi is a KungFu instructor. Their profession helped them to meet and they fell in a relationship. It was a simple ceremony held in a Auditorium near Sinoj’s place, in which the couple appeared in the traditional Kerala attire. Draped in the traditional wedding silk, Mousumi looked like gorgeous as a mallu girl.

It was a traditional Hindu wedding. Sinoj gave instructions to her lady love in Japanese as the priest takesover the proceedings. in the end, the couple happily posed for photoshoots. Tiomi, Mousumi was the only relative who attended the wedding from the bride’s side. The couple will be in Kerala for for one month and they will leave back to japan.


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