In a dramatic scenario that shook the atrium at Guruvayur, in the Thrissur district of Kerala, a marriage ended up in an utter chaos. On July 30, 2017, the marriage between Nisha (Name changed) and Shijil KS was fixed at the famous Sree Krishna Temple at Guruvayur and a banquet lunch was supposed to be held at an atrium nearby the temple. Shijil hails from Kodungallur in Thrissur district of Kerala was working in Qatar and was home on two-month vacation. It was traditional Hindu style wedding in presence of the elder members of the bridegroom’s family along with their friends.


The groom tied the knot at the auspicious beginning calculated by the astrologists. Just then the bride saw the sad looking face of her boyfriend among the onlookers and informed her newly-wed husband that she cannot go with him to the groom’s house. This created confusion among both the families and they have started discussing the issue they have reached in and all the blames started heaped over the bride and her family for cheating. This caused a fray inside the atrium which ended up after the police intervened and called both the parties for a discussion.

At the same time, the groom demanded all the gifts he gave to her, which even includes the wedding sari, the bride was wearing at the time of the incident. Without any second thought, the bride returned all the gifts he gave to her. Furious over the canceled marriage and the disgrace thus caused, the groom’s family even demanded Nine Hundred Thousand Indian Rupees as compensation.

In the evening, a party was held at Shijil’s place where his family and friends celebrated his ‘escape’. The groom and his family shared the pictures of the celebration through various social media platforms, which gave him mass online support. In their family WhatsApp group, the groom even mentioned Nisha as a disaster and shared photos of a small party.


On the other side, the bride had already disclosed her affair to her groom. But he gave no ears to them and just said that you will forget as time passes after the marriage. Nisha was given more than 10 sovereign gold and around one million in cash for her wedding by her parents and the greedy groom concerned about the wealth he could acquire by being in a relationship. At the same time, the Nisha’s parents never liked her boyfriend and never want him to marry their daughter. Thus they never gave a chance to get in touch with him and her marriage to Shijil was somewhat like a move to save their own so called family honor. In a couple of interviews, the groom says that he have asked the girl several times if she had any other relationships, but she didn’t say anything.

It is to be noted that the girl is the real victim in here were she didn’t get a chance to express her views when she pleads to avoid this wedding, those words reached into deaf ears. She stood by her lover till the end and by her decision for not going to her husband’s house, she has already proven to be loyal.

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