Did you ever felt like tired after you reaching back home from work? Experts say that the time you spent with your family brings out the best man from you. But, all you need to do is to find some time to spend on yourself. The time you need to take care of your own health bring back the energy which you lost sometime back.
1. Do find some time to do your exercises. Though it is always good to design your exercises according to your body conditions, it is better to prefer stretching exercises which will let the blood flow throughout your body and increase the strength of the muscles. Stretching is also a good exercise for back pain. Finding time to walk for a couple of miles would also keep your body fit. Practicing Yoga is also good.
2. Sleep also contribute a vital role in maintaining good health. Thus try to sleep for at least seven hours a day. Sleeplessness can start several pressures.
3. Give very much importance in your food. Try to include food made from flours like Whole wheat, Rice with Bran, whole wheat bread, etc. Try to eat food at the right time.
4. Control your food so as to prevent your body become fatty. After 35, it is always good to control your diet. But never try crash dieting plans to get lean. Never forget to eat your breakfast on time as breakfast contributes an important role in maintaining your mental health.
5. Try to drink a lot of water every day. Especially in the case of women who are prone to urinary infections. Try to drink Green Tea instead of ordinary dust tea and other beverages. Green tea keeps you young. Try to eat dates every day. The dates increase blood circulation.

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