Europe and the Americas are fighting the Novel Coronavirus. The death toll has already crossed One hundred thousand and countries like the USA, Italy, and Spain are the worst affected. During the period of Christmas 2019, China was showing its first signs of virus attacks. But it spread soon. Even the world leaders like Donald Trump blamed it on China. In one of his tweets, Mr. Trump mentioned the Novel Coronavirus as the Chinese Virus.
Things got changed over a period of a few months as the European countries got sick. The countries with the best medical infrastructure got failed due to the increasing count. For example, the Italian government has lost hope to contain the spread as their preventive measures started so late. Initially, they locked down the province of Lombardy, which was the worst affected area in the country. But they still allowed the events like Serie A, Champions league football tournaments.
Out of which the Champions League match between the Atalanta Fc and valencia triggered the Community Spread. The match was held with the jam-packed crowd and most of them hail from the northern region of Italy. They traveled more than 30 miles to reach Milan for watching the match. Being a new club reaching into the Champions League, Atalanta’s home ground does not meet the standards of major European championships. Thus the match was held in Milan. More than 37 busloads of Atalanta fans and several thousand others came in other means to watch this match. Coincidently, this match acted as a biological bomb in triggering the Community spread of COVID 19 in Italy.
Another reason for the spread was the lack of concern from the authorities to set up the proper lockdown. They just locked the Lombardy area, which was spread by the virus during the initials stages. This triggered the spread of virus too.

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