Marriages are considered as the happiest moments of every bridegroom. They considered it as the auspicious and want the moments to be remembered forever. But, not everyone is lucky enough to make their happy day a great one, yet they someone make them memorable; in somewhat an embarrassing way.

Here are the top 5 embarrassing moments which happened during Indian weddings.

5. Competing couple

This bridegroom is not at all ready to give way to their partner, just because they want to tie the knot first. By the way, who that hell said that marriage is all about sharing and caring? This couple proves that it’s all about winning hell in a cell cage match!

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4.  Short bride and her short-tempered groom

The groom acted like a pro as per the videographer’s direction and hung it around his bride’s neck without even looking at her. But, when it comes to her turn, the bride can’t even reach up to him and hung the garland on the groom’s crown; which she failed twice. The groom was not even ready to bow and got angry all of a sudden.

3. Filmy groom loves camera more than his bride

This groom in some North Indians wedding didn’t even care to look at his bride’s face while hanging the garland or even when his fiancee fixing the garland on him. On his turn, it came out like an Indian version of Hoopla game!

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2. Bride lose balance and then lost it all

Like any Indian groom, this lad is not even ready to bow his head to get married. Thus this short bride has to jump on her heels to put garland around this tall man’s neck, only to land on her back. Luckily she didn’t get hurt. Then someone opened the party popper which turned her special day into the worst day, since her birth.

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1.Tying knot without tying pajamas

This groom even doesn’t know how to tie his pajamas and he is about to tie his knot on his big day. The poor lad has already broken his suspense!

Tying knot without tying pajamas

Watch these fails in a row here:


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