The two lovebirds from various races with totally extraordinary conventions, culture, and convictions married at the Holy Ghost Church building in Mombasa on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Harania-harrison

In the wake of trading their promises, Harrison Shikokoti and his spouse Hemakshi Harania tossed an extravagant gathering at Wild Waters in Nyali where companions and relatives welcomed to observe the uncommon wedding were very much treated. Interracial marriages are regular in Kenya, however, interreligious marriages are uncommon, making Shikokoti and Harania’s wedding a once in a blue moon occasion.
Harrison’s family belongs to Christianity and Harania hails from a Hindu family, whose ancestors migrated to Kenya from India years ago. The Blindian couple was blessed by the friends and relatives who attended the wedding at the church. As a part of the Luhya tradition, Harania carries a pot, that signifies she has taken over the role of the woman of the house.


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