First Nokia Windows Phone 7 might come out in 2011?

2011 is about to witness the launch of the much awaited Nokia Windows phone 7. That would mean a big step as two of the major companies in their respective fields combining their strengths and build a new global ecosystem. The rumors about the new phone that could be a mile stone in the mobile phone history had been spreading for a while now. .Mr. Jo Harlow, head of Nokia’s key Smart Devices unit had mentioned that the partnership with Microsoft may come to existence most probably in 2011. With the toughest competition going on in the mobile industry and their own shares going down Nokia really needs a break right now. It seems that all the expectations are on Nokia Widows phone 7.

Recently an open letter from Mr. Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia and Mr. Steve Balmer, CEO of Microsoft has formally announced the partnership that can bring about great results like never before. The partnership would increase their scale which would bring significant benefits to the consumers, developers, mobile operators and business around the world, stated the CEOs. Nokia would take over windows phone as their primary smart phone strategy and they would innovate it by their expertise in language support, hardware design and areas like imaging. This will give a complete make over to the Windows phone leading to an increase in price points, geographic and market segment. The collaboration of Nokia and Microsoft will also be extended to the fields like joint marketing initiatives and a shared development road map which will have a significant influence in the future evolution of mobile products. Search advertising services on Nokia’s line of devices and services will be provided by Bing and Micro soft Ad center which in turn will result in customers having access to Bing’s next generation search services.  Nokia Maps and Nokia operator billings agreements would make it easier for users in purchasing and using the phone. The development tools of Microsoft would be used to create applications to be run on Nokia windows Phones.

Nokia had showed a model of their new phone lately which is similar to the company’s recent N8 and C7 Symbian smart phones. It seems that we are about to view a fresh series of slim, sexy and colorful smart phones as per the pictures released of the new phone.

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