When Wordsworth says, “Child is the father of the man”, he simply meant that a man is the product of the be habits and behaviors that he develops during his childhood. In the case of Vini, it was her child whose behaviors and habits shaped up a new kind of hobby in her. Vini used to paint since her childhood and her fondness of painting is multi-dimensional as it varies from pencil drawing to acrylic coloring. She has tried almost every kind of painting techniques in a short span of time and several of her academical studies were based on paintings.

Her only son Gahan, happened to be her accidental teacher as she noticed him painting with his bare hand taking his mother’s acrylic colors. Thus she too tried painting with her bare fingers, which she found a bit difficult initially yet the artist inside her made it easy for her.

Her own son, her other famil members of the pets were the living statues for her paintings in the initial stages. later this turned out to be anything or everything she gets to come across in her daily life or something she happened to take a look at somewhere she go. Right now, this young housewife from Kerala has almost 30 drawings with her which are painted using her fingers.  This includes lions, tigers, the train station at British Columbia, fighting chickens, some beautiful landscapes etc. Even though she started off with acrylic paintings lately she switched over to finger painting with oil colors. Let’s take a look at her drawings:

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