Just like the previous years, the Filipino families in Kerala met in a small function at Thiruvananthapuram. On Dec 01, 2018. When these countrymen met each other, it was never a mere handshake and goodbye. These people from various parts of the beautiful southeastern nation, Philipines got connected to their Indian other halves through marriage.

New couples are welcomed and the several other cultural activities are being held during their union. The Filipino embassy in India is also giving great support to their citizens living in India. The consular officials also attend the events and sort out any official problems their citizen are facing in India. In several occasions, the ambassador of Philipines to India even made their presence in these kinds of reunions.
The Filipinos have taken the love route to Kerala and all of them are beautiful women from the Philippines. This small and vibrant community always takes care to be connected and reach out whenever in need. The community members introduce each other and they discuss their view and issues within the community.

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