Relationships of the celebrities are always hit the news but the stories of those who are behind all those news remain unknown to the world. Such a relationship is in between these two; Fazia Ali and Brian Smith.

Brian Smith is an American portrait photographer and photojournalist, noted for his works and he was a Pulitzer Prize winner for spot photography in 1985, covering 84 Los Angeles Olympics. Also, he won the World Press Photo award in 1988. He lives in Miami Beach with his wife Fazia Ali.

Fazia is an Indian woman who is working as a photo stylist and makeup artist. She collaborated with Brian for more than 20 years in his works.

Speaking to the photographer’s website Model Mayhem, Brian says of his wife Fazia: “I think she’s been a huge influence. She’s been a collaborator with me for the last 20+ years since we’ve been working together. I think the smartest thing a photographer can do is surround themselves with people who are brighter than they are and I think the more people you bring in with skills you don’t necessarily have—even just a couple people who see different things on a shoot—are so valuable. One of the most important things you can have is another set of eyes. Most of our shoots are collaborations.”

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