Even though they are not happening in large numbers, the marriage between Indians and Russians in Russia are rising every year. Yet they all are stable. During the soviet times, there was a ban for citizens to marry foreigners. Even then, the attitude towards marrying an Indian was positive, just because of the citizen from a friendly state.Now that after the fall of the soviet union, the things are simpler.

When it comes to Indo-Russian marriages, the Russian counterparts used to visit the country for some time at least because their work demands it or because their partners were in India and they were accompanying them. But, it was different in the case of Elena, who never go an opportunity to live in India, so as to learn the culture or language. But, for her luck, her husband speaks Russian very well and it’s the language that they speak in their family.

Ajay came to Russia for work and he learned Russian all by himself. He met Elena at St. Petersburg in 1998. She was the intern at the company in which Ajay holds the position of acting director.During her internship they used to had small chats and even after her work period at the company got over, the used to speak over the phone and one day Ajay ask Elena for a date.

When her decided to marry Elena, Ajay traveled to India seeking his parent’s blessing. For his surprise, Ajay’s mom sent a golden chain for her future daughter-in-law as a sign of consent. Ajay picked a red velvet traditional Indian silk saree for her. For Elena’s surprise, the saree her fiance chose was a perfect fit. Thus they broke the Russian tradition of wearing a white gown. After the formal wedding in Russia, the couple departed to India fo their second wedding. This whindian couple is now settled in Belarus.

“There is a compromise in mixed marriages – we must learn from each other as the first few years are a grind. Then it becomes easier to live together,” says Elena. Her son Nicholas wears a chain around his neck, with both the sign of Om and an Orthodox cross. “When he gets older, he will have the right to choose whom he identifies more with. For now, we are observing the customs of both countries,” she says.

Elena was very much fond of Indian cuisine, She started living with her Indian partner after being armed with a book called “Indian Cooking’. She wrote down the necessary ingredients and told her husband to buy them all. It didn’t work initially, but later she mastered them all.

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