Bahubhali, the Magnum Opus film directed by SS Rajamaouli was one one of the Indian movie wonders which astonished the viewers across the globe. The film had two sequels which indeed was the blockbuster hits on every screen. In the second edition of Bahubhali, there was a scene in which the character is done by Prabhas doing a daring act of climbing over an elephant through its tusk.

A youth in Kerala also tried the same. This unknown youth from Kerala was drunk when he met an elephant being tied in a private land. He and his friend were passing by and then they saw the elephant without its mahout nearby. They bought bananas and walked near the elephant. Our hero alone walked to the elephant and rest started making live streaming via Facebook.

The guy came next to the elephant and started giving the banana to it. The small bananas were nothing to the beast and he calmly started eating the bananas. But in the meantime, the guy who gave the bananas have a feeling of fondling the animal and the Bahubhali act came to his mind. He pushed the animal on its tusks; the animal stays calm for the first two times. Maybe the elephant too gets playful with the guy and responds for the third time. He pushed back our hero and there he was thrown away like a rubber ball and fell unconscious.

bahubhali act fail

Watch the video here:

Tailpiece: There was news of the guy being seriously injured. He just fell unconscious, no serious injuries. Afterall he came back to his real senses!!!

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