Every year, millions of beverage cans are being thrown out of a country after use. These soda cans are recycled over and over as it returns to the consumer’s hands each time. A consumer can also make good use of these cans if he/she could wisely utilize them. Here we are going to demonstrate the easiest way of making good use of the soda cans like Pepsi, cola etc; a DIY pen stand.

Pen Stands

Amy kind of containers can be used for pen stands, but the soda cans suit well for this task. Also, this DIY project is aimed at school goers and thus soda cans are the best example one can get.

Things Required

  1. Soda Can – 1 No.s
  2. Art Paper – 1 sheet
  3. Colored Thermocol beans – As desired
  4. Red Beads – As Desired
  5. Pen Knife – 1
  6. Scissors – 1
  7. office Gum – 1 bottle


How it is made

The process of making a pen holder from soda can is  easy and here are the steps in involved in it:

  1. Take a soda can, (a 7up can is chosen in here) cut its mouth in a circular shape. Fold its mouth inside, so that its sharp edges won’t hurt your hands.
  2. Take the art paper and fold it along the outsides of the can. Write anything or nothing on it. We have ‘I Love MY teacher’ on it.
  3. Fix the paper on the can using a glue.
  4. Take the colored thermocol beans and carefully cut it into two equal halves.
  5. Paste the chopped halves of beans on the top of the can from its brim till the middle, where the message is written. Also, paste the beans under the message. Chose the beans in random or in and sequence.
  6. Apply gum along the letters in the message and paste beads on it.

Thus, a pen stand is ready to be gifted. It is a good and easy DIY project for your school going little one as he/she will be thrilled to gift one such gift to their favorite teacher on teacher’s day. Also, one can nurture their kid’s creativity by promoting these interesting DIY projects.DIY-pen-stand

Courtesy: diyindianarts




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