Recycling your used stuff is something cool which you need not have to threw something away. Just like recycling a cake board which you would never ever think of keeping it with you and transforming it into an awesome diya holder.


Diya is a small cup-shaped oil lamp made of baked clay which is an integral part of India culture as Indians starts every auspicious occasion with light lamps contrary to the westerners who blew the candles before they start something great.

Things Required:-

Cake board -1

Art paper (1 sheet each of two colors)

beads (As Required)

Imitation gold chain (As required)

Sliced Thermocol beads (As required)

Scissors – 1

Gum – As required

Scale, compass etc

Tip: Use bottle tops instead of compasses.

How to make a diya holder from cake board?

  1. Paste one art paper on one side of the board and draw circles over it using a tracing paper.
  2. Draw soft lines throughout the center of the circle, which divides the board into equal slices.
  3. Then draw smaller circles inside the newly formed slices. paste the imitation gold chain along its edges.
  4. Draw a small circle on the board and paste the other paper along that circle. Also, paste the chain on the edges of the new paper. paste the beads further to decorate the board.
  5. Now paste the dia on each slice and thus the diya holder is read. Let the holder dry.


The video will clearly show you how to make a diya holder from recycled cake board.



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