Pottery is not a new art to the Indians. Our forefathers have already shown it to the world and we are still the best in it. It was clay that was used in the ancient times. The pottery still exists in India, which is a part of small-scale industry. The products made in pottery is still having demands all over the world due to its benefits over metal utensils. The pottery methods vary all over the world, as it depends on the availability of the clay, terracotta and the ceramics which in fact are the raw materials required in the making. Here we are going to take a quick look into pottery using Terracotta by Anu Cheeran.


Terracotta is otherwise called as baked clay. There are several kinds of items used in pottery in which all are generally called as clay, but depending upon the way it is being fired the name changes; porcelain is high fired whereas terracotta is low fired.

About the Artist

Anu Varghese Cheeran, from Kerala, who is an industrial designer by profession is a alumna of National Institute of Design in Chennai. She holds degrees in design and has worked with several companies ever since she left the institute. She loves painting and her medium of painting varies from watercolor to acrylic. Apart from using conventional frame sizes as canvases, she opts unique ideas in making her paintings gets attention; not only in the themes being chosen in painting but also the idea of making utility stuff using those paintings like bookmarks, postcards etc.


Being in one of the premier designing institutes of the country, Anu gets to travel almost everywhere within India and get to know the culture and lifestyle of each place she goes expressing them in the form of her paintings.

Terracotta Home Decor models

Anu started out with handmade models of flowers which can be used in interior decorations. She used to make flowers like Anthurium, random flowers to be float on water pot etc.


Apart from this also started making handmade models for several home decor like fishes, vases, key chains etc. Then she had started making various pot models which are mainly intended to be used in planting inside the rooms, say desk etc.


She also tries making the pot on the potter’s wheel and the same is designed with beautiful carving along with acrylic paint works. terracotta-pot

The angry bird model of pot is another highlight of her pottery. Though small, these naughty birds suit well to your office desks.terracotta-pot

Love some green inside your office or workplace, get these pots which small but effective as they gives a new idea in interior decoration.terracotta-pot terracotta-pot

The fridge magnets are done with cheeky paintings makes gives a lovely outlook to your fridge as it surely grabs the attention of one who used to see the plastic or metal fridge magnet models. terracotta-fridge-magnet

Organic Fashion Ideas

In this period of going back to old ages, the organic fashion ideas are getting more and more attention these days. Anu, just made use of such a thinking as she has designed the simples of utilities which we use in our day to day life, which includes the bag tags made of terracotta. The terracotta bag tags have inscriptions of emoticons or some random faces which surely make them look attractive. Another unique thing is the twine used to make the tag. terracotta-bag-tag

Another item on her list is the keychain made of terracotta. The chain is a face which reminds the legendary mascot ‘Fido’ of the soda brand 7up.


Interested in her works? One can contact her on her Facebook page. Like her page; follow her to be the first to know about her new item and updates about her exhibitions. She also sells her paintings as well as her home decor goods through her own store ‘The Little Gold Fish‘, listed in craft selling store Etsy.com.


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