The North Eastern Indian state of Manipur witnessed an interracial wedding. It was a Christian wedding between Claris and Nicky. Clarisa is a Filipino girl and Nicky is an Indian boy from the Indian state of Manipur. Both Clarisa and Nicky are working together at UAE and they met at their workplace.
The wedding was so beautiful as Nicky who belongs to Hinduism and Clarisa belongs to Christianity. Thus the couple got married in both traditions. The groom was wearing a black suit and the bride was wearing a white gown with a suiting designer necklace during their Christian wedding ceremony at the church.
But they changed over to traditional Manipuri Hindu bridegroom for their wedding as per Hindu culture. The bride looked like a pretty Manipuri girl in the Indian attire, wearing the traditional Manipuri jewelry. The bridegroom was blessed by the knit and kin from both sides.

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