A Swiss wife has brought her Malayali spouse back home. It might sound peculiar. At the point when Christine wedded Antony Johnson Pereira, who was working in her dad’s resort in Interlaken, Switzerland, her presentation to India was constrained to the ‘place that is known for snake-charmers and flavors’.


“I never brought her here however she conveyed me to my nation,” Johnson clarified. Amid their wedding service at Palayam church in Thiruvananthapuram she shook hands with everybody incorporating her dad in-law however later she understood it was not the way Indians do. Presently more than her spouse, she’s an Indian. Her kids Alexis, 6, and Darius, 2, communicate in Malayalam other than English, Swiss and German. What’s more, she appreciates cooking Kerala dishes. “Here family bonds are solid. Furthermore, you never feel dejection or melancholy,” she clarified why she made India her nation. Christine is currently acting as a visitor relations administrator with a travel firm in Thiruvananthapuram.

After his school, Johnson, arrived in Switzerland to study Hotel Management.It’s during his internship, he met Christine. “I needed reach back to India however was a bit perplexed. At this point when my wife supported me and then I felt the time has come to reach back,” Johnson, who left a comfortable occupation in Switzerland to settle in his nation, said. “In any case, both Christine and Johnson have an expression of alert for youth. “Kindly don’t go for quick picks up. What’s more, don’t take things delicately. Graph a long guide with a dream and everything will be great.”

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