A man who loves his camera and his art, S L Anand has dependably been on a flight of extravagant. He observes everything around him and records the elementary subjects in them. Since 1994, he has been a brand name for ‘People and Fashion’ photography. His unequaled tenor in photography has spoke to numerous aficionados of photography far and wide. His artfulness with the cam has won him profound respect and has made him a standout amongst the most wanted wedding photographers in India.

Born in a middle class family of Kerala, Anand was a bright student and his fantasy towards the art of photography started adn cherished at the age of 17, when he was gifted with a camera at the age of 17.

Photographer S L ANAND

Photographer S L Anand

Inquisitive and utopian, falcon peered toward and lively that he was, it took Anand no time to make the cam his best pal. Life started to change for Anand. The camera became inseparable part of his life and it appears to be like what a little lamb to Mary.

His dedication to photography was developing with every day. Before long he was thought to be one of the best photographic artists on his facilities. At that point came a vital crossroads throughout his life when he imagined that to turn into a photographic artist was his reason for living.

After his education, he joined the esteemed news publishing house, Mathrubhumi as news photographer, which was a turning point in his life. He was assigned with niches like travel, art, movies, fashion etc. He is also one of the best wedding photographers in India. He is also an invitee for the International conferences for the wedding photographers. S L Anand has won the Kodak – Better Photography’s Wedding Photographer of the Year Award in the year 2011, in which the theme was Bridal Portraiture.

With Matrhubhumi, he clicked his camera for the cover images in its monthly Magazine ‘Yatra’. He was behind the camera for several advertisements and celebrity weddings. In here, we are showcasing the celebrity photography by SL Anand on several stars like Nazriya, Priya Mani, Suresh Gopi, Mammootty, Rima Kallingal etc.

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Reema Kallingal

Reema Kallingal Reema Kallingal Reema Kallingal Reema Kallingal Reema Kallingal



Aparna Nair

Aparna Nair Reema Kallingal Aparna Nair Aparna Nair

Manju Warrrier

manju warrier makeover Manju Warrier Manju Warrier Manju Warrier





































































Ann Augustine

Ann Augustine Ann Augustine Ann Augustine

Priya Mani

Priya Mani



Nazriya Nazriya

























PrithviRaj Sukumaran
prithviraj sukumaran


Suresh Gopi

Suresh Gopi with wife

Geethu Mohandas

Geetu Mohandas



























Special Mention: Magazine Covers

Prithvi Raj A R Rahman with Resul Pookkutty Mammootty Priya Mani Suresh Gopi

















































































































































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