When Catherine Roy Collette reached India, she had no clue about the twists in her life. It changed her life and this great country eventually became the second home for this Canadian beauty.
No wonder why the pieces of literature cannot define the romance perfectly. It can be of any type and you cannot define its boundaries. Catherine met Tinku at Rishikesh, India. The Bengali boy was her yoga teacher. Falling in love with Tinku, Catherine has sacrificed her cozy lifestyle to be with him.
catherine -Tinku
“Tinku was my Pranayam teacher. We found a good connection and he came to Canada with me after retreat”, says Catherine. After spending time in Canada, they came back to India and married in a traditional Bengali wedding with both families permission. Catherine now stays in Parra village with her husband and in-laws.

“I love my life here with Tinku – I wouldn’t exchange it for anything in the world,” she was quoted as saying. Tinku hails from a poor Bengali family and lives in a traditional Indian mud hut. Catherine, who is staying in a mud house with her husband, helps her in-laws in house hold works. Her mother-in-law talks fondly about her. Catherine is in love with Indian tradition and beliefs and wants to explore more about the country.

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